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mikeicontest's Journal

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Welcome to mikeicontest!

The one and only Icon Contest for Mike Dirnt, bassist of Green Day.

Maintainer(s): iluvgreenday & areyoudying
Mod(s): silvergods
Banner Maker: ticklemebillie & silvergods & areyoudying & el_snoozlepoof
Layout/User Info: Graphics by areyoudying
Coding by: damnicons


These rules are simple and easy to follow, and there isnt that many =)
01. Respect everyone, if you have any problem contact iluvgreenday, areyoudying, or silvergods
02. Icons submitted must go with the theme of the week, posted in the Challenge post.
03. Icons must fit LJ standerds (100X100) (40KB)
04. You may only submitt 3 icons per challenge.
05. Icons must be made for the current challenge, none that you have made in the past, unless you have not posted it anywhere.
06. You may use any brush/texture/gradient/effect etc. Animation is allowed unless other wise said.
07. Submitt your icons in comments to the Challenge post.
08. To submit you must show the actual icon and the URL.
09. If you would like to take an icon, ask on the post for the person that submitted the icon and go ahead and ask the person that submitted it and credit them.
10. Read the Voting rules, and follow them.


Contest: Saturday late afternoon(around 5 central) to Saturday afternoon(around 4:00 central)
Voting: Saturday afternoon to Monday afternoon (around 4:00 central)
Winners will be announced Monday afternoon after i close voting.


01. You must be a member to vote.
02. Do not vote for your self, and do not tell others to vote for you.
03. Vote in order of prefrence.
04. There will be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and a Mod's choice.
05. Voting is weighted, 1st = 3 points, 2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 1 point. The icon with the most points gets 1st place, 2nd most points gets 2nd, and 3rd gets 3rd. Mods is determined by a vote from the maintainer/mods.


Contest #1 >>> 47 Annual Grammy Awards >>> ikle_me
Contest #2 >>> 2005 VMA's >>> ikle_me
Contest #3 >>> Random pictures >>> ikle_me
Contest #4 >>> No Pride >>> ticklemebillie
Contest #5 >>> Rock Werchter, Belgium >>> ikle_me
Contest #6 >>> Green Photoshoot >>> ticklemebillie
Contest #7 >>> Hitchin' A Ride >>> beana_cheese
Contest #8 >>> Wake Me Up When September Ends >>> i_love_milo
Contest #9 >>> 409 In Your Coffee Maker >>> ticklemebillie
Contest #10 >>> Blood, Sex And Booze >>> ticklemebillie
Contest #11 >>> 4 Pictures >>> areyoudying
Contest #12 >>> 3 Pictures >>> ticklemebillie
Contest #13 >>> Lryics and Pictures >>> ticklemebillie
Contest #14 >>> 5 Pictures >>> areyoudying and ticklemebillie
Contest #15 >>> 4 Pictures (VMA)>>> ticklemebillie
Contest #16 >>> '06 Grammys >>> stjimmyrules
Contest #17 >>> 4 Pictures >>> el_snoozlepoof
Contest #18 >>> Live Performances >>> areyoudying
Contest #19 >>> Old School >>> ticklemebillie and el_snoozlepoof
Contest #20 >>> Governator >>> areyoudying
Contest #21 >>> Grammy's '06 Recording Academy Honors >>> hug_a_wookie
Contest #22 >>> Black and White >>> areyoudying
Contest #23 >>> Random Photoshoot >>> el_snoozlepoof
Contest #24 >>> Stevens Untitled Rock Show >>> el_snoozlepoof
Contest #25 >>> Black & White stripe photoshoot >>> el_snoozlepoof
Contest #26 >>> Mike w/ bass pics >>> ownworstfriend
Contest #27 >>> 4 mike pictures >>> hug_a_wookiee
Contest #28 >>> Mike & Estelle >>> i_kiss_lesbians and areyoudying
Contest #29 >>> Spikes Video Game Awards >>> *ENTER ICONS HERE*



If you want to be an affiliate comment on this post.

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